FreshRSS documentation

The documentation has not been translated in English for yet. Here are some indication how to contribute.

How-to contribute?

At the moment, FreshRSS documentation is far from being complete. We need all the help we can get to fill the blanks. If you are willing to contribute, this document provides basic directions to do it. If you want to know how documentation is generated on, please refer to the "How does it work?" section.

  1. Fork the Github project.
  2. Pull your fork on your computer or modify it directly on Github.
  3. The English documentation is located in the ./en folder.
  4. The documentation use Markdown syntax. This syntax is pretty straightforward. If you need some guidance, read the Github guide to Markdown.
  5. Make a "pull request" on the official repository.
  6. You are done! Your changes will go through a team review then merged. Then, we will update

Translate the documentation.

At the moment, the documentation is available in French for practical reasons. We are looking for people willing to translate it to English (or other languages). Please contact us on Github if you want to contribute. The process is identical to the later process except you will need to write the documentation in its own language folder, ./en for English, ./es for Spanish, etc.

How does it work?

FreshRSS documentation is generated by MkDocs. It is a Python software which generates static sites designed for documentation.

This repository contains only raw content in Markdown, images and configuration files (one per language).

To generate the documentation website, you have to follow some few steps. First, make sure Python 2.7+ and pip are installed on your PC. Working in a virtual environment is better (virtualenv, pew or similar).

$ pip install mkdocs  # Install MkDocs software
$ cd ./en             # Move to the English language directory
$ mkdocs serve        # Have a preview at
$ # Build the website and push files onto your server
$ mkdocs build --clean
$ rsync -e ssh -P -rvzc --delete ./site/ user@server:/path/to/server/root/en

The index.html file is used to handle the home page and to support internationalised documentation since MkDocs doesn't support it yet.

We use a custom version of readthedocs theme which include the fonts directly (i.e. instead of using Google servers). Tu use it, you have to copy/paste the theme directory in the language folders.

$ cd ./en
$ cp -R ../readthedocs ./
$ # OR with a symbolic link
$ ln -s ../readthedocs ./