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Report a bug

You found a bug? Don't panic, here are some steps to report it easily:

  1. Search for it on the bug tracker (don't forget to use the search bar).
  2. If you find a similar bug, don't hesitate to post a comment to add more importance to the related ticket.
  3. If you didn't find it, open a new ticket.

If you have to create a new ticket, try to apply the following advices:

  • Give an explicit title to the ticket so it will be easier to find it later.
  • Be as exhaustive as possible in the description: what did you do? What is the bug? What are the steps to reproduce the bug?
  • We also need some information:
    • Your FreshRSS version (on about page or constants.php file)
    • Your server configuration: type of hosting, PHP version
    • Your storage system (MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL or SQLite)
    • If possible, the related logs (PHP logs and FreshRSS logs under data/users/your_user/log.txt)

Fix a bug

Did you want to fix a bug? To keep a great coordination between collaborators, you will have to follow these indications:

  1. Be sure the bug is associated to a ticket and say you work on it.
  2. Fork this project repository.
  3. Create a new branch. The name of the branch must be explicit and being prefixed by the related ticket id. For instance, 783-contributing-file to fix ticket #783.
  4. Make your changes to your fork and send a pull request on the dev branch.

If you have to write code, please follow our coding style recommendations.

Tip: if you are searching for bugs easy to fix, have a look at the « New comers » ticket label.

Submit an idea

You have great ideas, yes! Don't be shy and open a new ticket on our bug tracker to ask if we can implement it. The greatest ideas often come from the shyest suggestions!

If your idea is nice, we'll have a look at it.

Contribute to internationalization (i18n)

If you want to improve internationalization, please open a new ticket first and follow indications from « Fix a bug » section.

Translations are present in the subdirectories of ./app/i18n/.

We are working on a better way to handle internationalization but don't hesitate to suggest any idea!

Contribute to documentation

The documentation needs a lot of improvements in order to be more useful to new contributors and we are working on it. If you want to give some help, meet us on the dedicated repository!