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Firefox subscription service

You can manually add your FreshRSS app to the list of Firefox subscription services which will enable you to subscribe to sites which provide a feed link using the Firefox built-in "Subscribe" button. An in-depth process is described in the official documentation but you can use the following steps:

  1. Open about:config in Firefox

  2. Search for "browser.contentHandlers.types." and note the highest number following the returned strings (ie if yo see browser.contentHandlers.types.1.something up to browser.contentHandlers.types.5.somethingelse etc. the highest number is 5). Your contentHandler will have to have a free number so just pick one higher than currently registered (you would chose six in above example).

  3. You will have to add three new strings to your about config (replace %NUMBER% with the number from previous step and with your installation address):

Preference name Value Note
browser.contentHandlers.types.%NUMBER%.title FreshRSS Use any name you would like (ie. "My feeds")
browser.contentHandlers.types.%NUMBER%.type application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed Do not change this value!
browser.contentHandlers.types.%NUMBER%.uri http://EXAMPLE.COM/FreshRss/i?c=feed&a=add&url_rss=%s Replace base url with yours and switch to https (if used)
  1. Restart Firefox and you can subscribe to sites with the Firefox built-in "Subscribe" button. Just select the name you set under the first Preference name from the dropdown (you can also make it default with the checbox) and you will be redirected to FreshRSS subscription settings (you must be logged in).